Coalition of Hope

Coalition of Hope (Oct 2008) Back in 2008 I wrote a South African manifesto, “Coalition of Hope” as a basis for an inspiring (but simple) vision and plan for South Africa; an appeal to anyone who would listen. Speaking of the corruption plaguing our nation, but not knowing the depths to which we would sink...

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Small business finance

The smaller the business, the harder it is to access affordable funding. That's a fact well-demonstrated by the graph below. The fundamental problem lies in the relationship between high perceived risks and potentially low returns from investments in small, community-based businesses (tech startups are excluded from our definition of "small business"). But does it...

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What is minimalism?

What is Minimalism? Minimalism is about "surrounding ourselves with that which is essential for our happiness; people, things and experiences". As I see it, minimalism is not about "less" but rather about getting rid of 'stuff' that undermines our happiness; getting back to what we really want on our lives. Allow me to explain...

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