Do you have the heart of a teacher, trainer or coach?

As a community activist and small business owner, coach and consultant for over forty years, I have seen a wealth of resources lying idle in every community. I have been privileged to help numerous communities develop effective strategies to mobilise their resources. I would like to help more communities to mobilise their idle resources for the benefit of all.

I have created a rewarding Apprenticeship Program for community-based teachers, trainers and coaches, the Catalysts, to teach, inspire and empower their local communities how to mobilise their wealth of resources for the good of all. Read on to find out more.

Are you an existing or aspiring teacher, trainer or coach?

Teachers, Trainers and Coaches never celebrate alone!

We measure our success by our ability to empower others to achieve their dreams and goals.

Everyone else measures success by their personal achievements.

Please reach out to me if you are an existing or aspiring community-based teacher, trainer or coach who is passionate about empowering your local community.

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If it appeals to you, you will be able to test drive the opportunity with the free, no obligation, “30-day Window of Opportunity”. If you succeed, a world of inspiring opportunities will open up for you.

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