Coalition of Hope (Oct 2008)

Back in 2008 I wrote a South African manifesto, “Coalition of Hope” as a basis for an inspiring (but simple) vision and plan for South Africa; an appeal to anyone who would listen.

Speaking of the corruption plaguing our nation, but not knowing the depths to which we would sink under Zuma, I wrote, "A large tree may have many branches but,if you take an axe to its root,the tree will be toppled!"

Yet, ten years on, our challenges may be many and complex and greater but the solutions are still few and simple.

  • Few enough to be counted on the fingers of one hand;
  • Simple enough for the youngest child to be inspired to dream great things.

Five core elements of a new vision for South Africa that I believe are still relevant today;

  1. Safety and Peace for all.
  2. Opportunity to develop our awesome potential.
  3. A national Vision that inspires us to be the champions we are.
  4. Leaders, worthy of the nation’s Trust and Respect.
  5. Excellent, efficient and effective Public Service for all.

We do not need government hand outs, all we need is a helping hand from government.

Whatever government comes into power in the next week, I sincerely hope that it has the wisdom to create opportunities for all South Africans to express our greatness and we will become great.

It’s that simple.

See the full copy of the “Coalition of Hope” manifesto here.



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