Co-living and the Baby Boomers

I want to write a series of articles on co-living and retirement for many of my contemporaries who, for one reason or another, could outlive their money if they don’t do something radical.
And the time to do something radical is NOW! Every day really matters.

I believe that the benefits of financial efficiency and ‘collective wisdom’ within a co-living community can offer someone who is still economically active an excellent opportunity to accelerate their retirement savings.

By living more efficiently today, we can grow a more secure retirement tomorrow.

But allow me to say from the outset, that the kind of co-living community I envisage at this stage won’t be a radical solution for people who (1) have not made sufficient provision for their retirement and (2) are no longer economically active; that sadly, is something their family members or government pensions will have to take care of, not a small group of unrelated people.

The Village

Imagine the normal human experience for thousands of years. We are born and raised in a village. We then spend our working life contributing to the life and well-being of the village. And finally, as we grow old in the same village, the village takes care of us. The whole system of the village exists to support every stage of our lives. The village is home.

The Industrial Revolution

That supposedly idyllic scene was uprooted by the Industrial Revolution which replaced the village with dormitory suburbs conveniently located to supply labour to factories and business in the burgeoning towns and cities. Over time the fabric of society began to crumble and break down; in today’s world, it’s “everyone for themselves” or face a very bleak future dependent on the charity of others or a government pension.

Co-living in the Digital Revolution

I believe that the Digital Revolution, through which we are currently living, offers us an amazing opportunity to reclaim some of the best aspects of village life within the context of an increasingly urbanised society.

I also believe that it will take a few generations before we realise all the benefits of a Digital Age suburban village. And I am convinced that we will never realise these benefits if we never make a start.

My Co-living Mission

My co-living mission is to make a start with a few like-minded people!

At 63, it’s unlikely that I will live long enough to see the full benefits of the sort of Digital Age Suburban Village I imagine is possible, but I am encouraged by an old Greek proverb that i love,

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

Isn’t is time that a few old men and women (old in the eyes of our children, that is!) DO SOMETHING to make our city a better place for SOMEONE ELSE, even for those who are not yet born?

It all starts with one, intentional, co-living community with a clear VVS; Vision, Values and Style.

One house, then more with different VVS's, all united in a common desire to create new and vibrant Suburban Villages.

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