Small Business Support

COLLABORATE! is an Active Referral Marketing and Business Support System for small businesses and companies serving the small business sector.

I believe that small businesses are the economic engine of the local community; that when they flourish, their communities flourish with them. CBN gives them a competitive edge over their corporate competitors.

Especially important for small business owners who rely on referrals for new clients.

I offer strategy consulting to small, community-based businesses such as guest houses, retail and small-scale construction.

I believe that Trust is the product of Test and Time and I have structured my consulting to align with this belief. A three-step process;
Exploratory Session
90-minute Strategy Session
90-day Coaching Project

I host a variety of small business and community networking events using Meetup. Currently on hold as I launch a new online training program.

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    Small Business Interventions

    Causes of Failure

    All small business failures are rooted in one or more of the following;

    • Ignorance and Inexperience
    • Poor Planning and Execution
    • Poor Governance

    The TOP Business Development System addresses all three causes head on.

    All successful businesses are the same. All unsuccessful businesses are unsuccessful in their own way.
    (variation on Tolstoy’s “happy families”)

    Triangles of Power

    Harnessing the Knowledge, Expertise and Money a small business needs to;

    • Reduce the risk of failure.
    • Enhance the probability of success.
    • Accelerate growth and profit.

    Three keys to capital readiness for a small business seeking funding.

    Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing! (Warren Buffett)

    Capital Protection Plan

    Dramatically reducing the financial risk for entrepreneurs and investors.

    • Protecting the opportunity cost (interest)
    • Protecting the capital investment
    • Protecting returns over time

    Making well-run, small businesses more attractive to lenders and investors.

    “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price, than a fair company at a wonderful price.”
    (Warren Buffett)