Are you a property owner serving the residential or commercial rental market?

Are tenants costing you a fortune in damage and defaults?

How would you like tenants paying their rent on time and treating your property with respect?

The Responsible Tenant Program

The Responsible Tenant Program reduces your headaches by addressing the root causes of tenant delinquency.

The Responsible Tenant Program is a new and unique program combining tried and tested tools and strategies acquired during forty years of property ownership and community development.

And it’s really simple.

My team and I,

  • Teach, inspire and empower your tenants to get a vision for their lives and to become more responsible with their resources and relationships.
  • Coach you how to reward tenants in small ways for taking desired action (i.e. paying their rent on time) so that you don’t have to deal with the big headaches of “damages and defaults”.

And there’s more!

Firstly, the Responsible Tenant Program will enable you to build a reputation as a great landlord and attract a waiting list of high-quality tenants for your properties. And secondly, the program offers you a way to increase the profitability of your properties over time.

Book a Strategy Session.

The RTP Strategy Session costs R7,500 and I guarantee that “within 90 days of implementing the strategy, you will gain a measurable benefit at least 2x my fee, or get your money back.” (reasonable ‘use-or-lose-it’ T&C’s apply)

Need more information?

Book a 60-minute Exploratory Session for R1,500 (either on Skype or meeting in Pinelands, Cape Town). The fee for the Exploratory Session will be deducted from the cost of the Strategy Session fee if you decide to sign up for the program.

Special Offer.

This Special Offer is for property owners with more than three properties.

Complete a Strategy Session before 21 June 2019 and I will give you R2,000 worth of incentives to test with your tenants.

Only five Special Offers available.