I am sharing these power-tools as part of my Bucket List project, "100 Things I Want Share Before I Die". These tools will form part of the initial content available to the MOBILISE! Community (v3.0 due for launch on 16 November 2020);

The '101 content' will be available as free courses and webinars to anyone who is interested. Premium content will be available to community-minded trainers and coaches in the MOBILISE! Community as part of our community-empowerment mission. CLICK HERE to learn more about the opportunities MOBILISE! will be opening up for community-minded trainers or coaches.

The first set comprises tools that I developed over forty years as a community and small business activist, coach and consultant. The second set are useful resources that I have used in my own businesses and community projects.

1. Power tools that I have designed and developed.

The MagicLifestyle DreamCatcher Plan.

A simple goal-setting framework;

1. Idealise
2. Visualise
3. Materialise

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The Golden Triangle.

A simpler, more powerful, alternative to the 'Wheel of Life'.

The Minimalist Manifesto

I am an extreme minimalist and this is my manifesto.

I have discovered that the less I own, the happier I become.

The Human-Animal Behaviour Model.

Leaders and Followers. A useful tool in leadership selection and promotion with reference to the character and motivation of potential leaders.


The Lindbergh Relationship Hierarchy

Following the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, I developed my understanding of relationships in terms of two core concepts; emotional intelligence and mission alignment. "How can two walk together unless they are agreed?"; a series of core agreements.

2. Power tools designed by others.

The Positivity Survey

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Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Profile

A very useful tool for team selection.

Click Here or click image to visit the Wealth Dynamics website.