Three Personal goals

How often have you heard the phrase, “The bigger your Why, the easier the How!” WRONG! This affirmation may work for the handful of high-achievers who believe they can achieve anything but its wrong for the 96% of us who don’t have unshakeable faith in our abilities. By setting goals that are too lofty, we...Continue reading

The Human-Animal Behaviour Model

The Human-Animal Behaviour Model This is Episode 008 of my Bucket List project “100 Things I Want to Share Before I Die”. First articulated in this form in May 2018, the model represents my understanding of human nature and motivation. It helps me to make sense of the world; in particular, the dynamics between leaders...

Coalition of Hope

Coalition of Hope (Oct 2008) Back in 2008 I wrote a South African manifesto, “Coalition of Hope” as a basis for an inspiring (but simple) vision and plan for South Africa; an appeal to anyone who would listen. Speaking of the corruption plaguing our nation, but not knowing the depths to which we would sink under...Continue reading

What is minimalism?

What is Minimalism? Minimalism is about "surrounding ourselves with that which is essential for our happiness; people, things and experiences". As I see it, minimalism is not about "less" but rather about getting rid of 'stuff' that undermines our happiness; getting back to what we really want on our lives. Allow me to explain using...Continue reading

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