Opportunity knocks for people who love teaching, inspiring and empowering their fellow human beings.

After forty years creating courses and programs to solve problems in my own businesses, my clients’ businesses and in communities, I have a mountain of valuable intellectual property I want to share with you.

If these resources helped me and my clients to improve our lives and made me good money, then surely they can offer new hope to others? Especially hope for anyone dreaming of a career in personal motivation and improvement; be it as a teacher, trainer or coach.

There is certainly a great need for kind and caring people to empower others to skillfully navigate the turbulent times in which we live.

So I asked myself a few questions, like ...

What if I could offer you a way to ‘test the waters’ without having to invest in an expensive course before you could earn? Would that appeal to you?

What if I could help you to start for free, absolutely free, and ‘earn while you learn’? Would that work for you?

What if earning and learning turned out to be a fun way to make a living ... and you earned enough to easily pay for each step of the subsequent levels?

So I decide to create a new career opportunity for people who think they may love a career teaching, inspiring and empowering others. I call it an Education-Opportunity, an Ed-Op for short, which has three simple stages.

Level 1. Is the permission-free ‘test-the-waters’ opportunity.

Imagine reading a book and enjoying it so much that you decide to share the lessons with your friends and colleagues, your personal network. That could be fun, not so?

Now let’s say that you start a book club and invite a few friends and colleagues to join your book club for a small fee; a small fee because you would be practising your new skill on them! You wouldn’t need the author’s permission to host such a book club, would you? You could just do it, permission-free. That’s very much what the Level 1. Ed-Op is like.

The only difference between starting a book club like that and the Ed-Op program is the extra support I offer you, like ...

1. All the training and tools you need to get started (usually the hardest part).

2. I also show you how to craft irresistible offers so that your friends flock to your book club or training session and happily pay the small fee you ask of them.

3. Plus, the additional training and support you receive from the free weekly webinars, will enable to create additional income streams that flow from your training.

How cool is that?

And, if the Level 1. experience turns out to be fun and rewarding, you will probably love the exciting opportunities and support Level 2. and beyond have to offer you. It will be like entering a mansion with many rooms ... and you have the master key!

Different to other courses.

Before I show you how to get started, I also want to mention that the Ed-Op approach is also different to other coaching courses where you have to fork out your hard-earned money before you’re completely sure which career path is right for you.

On the Ed-Op plan, you can PROFITABLY explore a variety of opportunities until you choose the style that works for you and the type of client you want to serve, your niche. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

When you know exactly what you want and you are gaining traction with your career, you will be far better positioned to choose the right courses and programs to advance your education. Always be learning!

Time to get started!

How do you get started on the Ed-Op program for FREE?

1. Simply sign up for any of the FREE courses I offer on my website.

2. If you enjoy a course, sign up for one of the FREE live or recorded webinars.

3. When you find a course that inspires you to share it with your personal network, simply register for the FREE Level 1. “Train the Trainer” training.

Once registered, you will be able to attend a FREE online training session and FREE weekly webinars. After completing the FREE training session, you will get all the training and notes you need to get started ... completely FREE.

That’s all it takes and, as I said, all of it is FREE.

Get started today! Check out my FREE courses HERE.

A Final note.

There is only ONE thing you might need to pay for if you need it, my time; my most precious and limited resource.

So I have done my best to structure the Level 1. program so that you need no direct support from me outside the weekly meetings.

That said, I do offer a limited amount of direct support at a reduced hourly rate of R500 (about $29); that’s a 33% saving on my current coaching fee. With all the free stuff I’m offering on Level 1., I hope you will agree that charging for my time is fair.

If you need personal guidance to get started on Level 1., you can book a 60-minute Exploratory Session with me after you have registered as a Level 1. Trainer.

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