First Draft of the Minimalist Manifesto

This first draft of the Minimalist Manifesto is intended to serve as a discussion document.

Unpacking the Minimalist Manifesto

Minimalism is the key to happiness, abundance and a debt-free lifestyle.

It is the KEY but not the door! The door to happiness, abundance and a debt-free lifestyle is our destiny, the vision and values we create for our life.

Minimalism holds that all discretionary use of our time, money and resources has one purpose, personal happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy. While some search for happiness in a meaningful purpose and others seek it in material possessions, every choice we make is guided by our search for happiness.

Minimalism is about “surrounding ourselves with that which is truly essential to our happiness; people, things and experiences.”

As a life principle, Minimalism allows us to silence the distractions of life and focus on what really matters to us and our happiness.

Minimalism opens the door to true Abundance, “having more than we need and wanting less than we have”.

When we understand that the true source of happiness is a way of being, the need to find happiness in material possessions evaporates.

Minimalism holds that our surplus is a sacred trust to be administered wisely during our lifetime.

The ability to create a Surplus instills a sense of personal security which in turn empowers us to be more generous, the greatest source of happiness and joy.

Minimalism is the key to a kind and caring society in which people have surpluses, not overwhelming debt-burdens.

Debt robs good people of the ability to do the good they want to do in the world while surpluses empower kind and caring people to administer their resources in ways aligned with their personal vision and values.

Minimalism is the antithesis of the self-grasping ignorance of debt-fueled consumerism, the cause of much suffering.

The search for happiness in material possessions is an illusion.

Minimalism is resource intelligent.

The Minimalist ...

Minimalism is the antidote to greed.

More to follow

Minimalism is the secret to greater personal freedom.

More to follow

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