NEW! Retirement Coach to Boomers who have not saved enough for retirement. Having lost virtually all my retirement savings during the 2008 Crash, I designed a system to regrow what I had lost "in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of risk"; it's called the Wealth Diamond.

Minimalist: I have been a minimalist for as long as I can remember and part of my aim for this website is to share this journey with others because I believe that a minimalist approach is the key to a happy and abundant life.

Community activist: I want to live in a kind and caring community and my main goals is to explore new opportunities for a community-based lifestyle with like-minded people.

Small business coach: I am passionate about small, community-based businesses and have over 35 years experience gained while starting, growing and crashing my own businesses; successes and failures have all been good teachers. I focus my coaching on three niches; guest houses, retail and construction.

I have always loved sharing what I learn in ways that empower others, hence my core mantra,

"Teach - Inspire - Empower".