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Many Boomers are missing out on wonderful opportunities to grow their wealth long after they stop working. By trading their knowledge, expertise and experience for cash flow, they may be missing out on the capital-value of their decades of knowledge, expertise and experience, KEE for short. You could be sitting on a goldmine of value that will simply die when you stop working; that is no good to you or the world.

I have just released the Wealth Diamond Accelerated Retirement Plan and now on a mission to help Boomers to “capitalise their decades worth of KEE” and, in so doing, accelerate the growth, and increase the resilience, of their retirement plans.

Tall oaks from little acorns grow.

Having been a small business owner and strategy consultant for over forty years, I know that there are wonderful opportunities out there; you have to be in the right place at the right time to get in the game.

  • Microsoft and Apple started in a garage.
  • Facebook and Dell started in a university dorm room.

Where were you when these unicorns were started?

Unicorns may be few and far between but there are many potential thoroughbreds that are being overlooked because they don't look like unicorns.

What you get from a 60-minute Strategy Session;

  • A snapshot of the flow of money in your life.
  • A strategy to capitalise your knowledge and expertise.
  • A broad-strokes strategy to accelerate your retirement plan.

Book now. Save 50% and get a bonus.

  • Price: Strategy Session now: R750 (normal price R1,500)
    • Free if you genuinely can't afford the R750; don't let money be an obstacle.
  • Bonus: Free Wealth Cycle workshop or Wealth Cycle webinar series.

After you confirm payment, you will be asked to complete a confidential questionnaire at least one day prior to the Strategy Session (no requirement to share sensitive information).

Don’t capitalise on your knowledge and expertise, capitalise it!

The first can make you a living, the other could make you a fortune.

About me.

I have been a small business owner and community activist since the late seventies; my business activities financing my community development work.

In 2011, with over thirty years experience as a small business owner, I started offering strategy consulting to small business owners. I designed the TOP Business Development System to accelerate growth and reduce risk.

In 2019 I decided to focus on helping Boomers to accelerate their retirement plans by “capitalising their decades worth of knowledge, expertise and experience”. Tap into the power of capital growth.

This is what some of my clients had to say about my help;

"Shaun is an innovative and inspiring business coach. The ideas he suggested and I implemented have enabled me to triple my revenue this year. I highly recommend Shaun." (Yvonne, Guest House Owner)

Shaun is an extremely valuable business mentor with high integrity. He truly cares about improving people's lives. Working with him has made such a big difference in my life, which I am so grateful for. (Gisela, boutique travel planner)

Shaun has a strong creative and strategic mind, and with his out-of-the-box thinking, he sensitised me to business opportunities which I couldn’t see by myself. Thank you Shaun, you have made a huge difference in my business! (Kjeld, professional hunter)


I am not a financial advisor or planner, I am a strategy consultant and coach.

I do not offer financial advice, I help you to work out your own game plan.

I do not manage other people's money, I challenge you to manage your own.

If you become an Intelligent Active Investor, you may apply to join a Wealth Diamond Investor Club where members collaborate to seek out, evaluate and invest in high-potential business opportunities. PLEASE NOTE: The Clubs are neither cooperatives nor stokvels; we pool our KEE to maximise potential and reduce risk but we do not pool our money.