Do you have enough saved for retirement?

Are you worried that you will outlive your retirement savings?

Are you leaving your retirement plan in the hands one person, a financial advisor?

My story.

In 2008 I was caught on the wrong side of the Great Recession and my retirement savings were almost wiped out. Like many people in their 50’s, it was a bad stage of life for such a nasty experience.

Thankfully, I was still healthy and willing to take action to recover my losses. It quickly became apparent to me that there were no practical answers for someone in my situation, no income and no available capital. I knew that 'getting a job' was not the answer. I desperately needed to design a new financial plan for my life.

I called it Wealth Diamond and it has become the foundation for my own Accelerated Retirement Plan. It could work for you too.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial planner and do not offer financial advice. I offer Wealth Diamond as a financial fitness coaching program, to people who want to increase their financial intelligence and leverage the expertise and experience of like-minded peers.  Everyone participating in the Wealth Diamond program is personally responsible for their own decisions.

A broken system.

When I started looking for solutions, I quickly realised that the “financial planning system” is broken. When fewer than 5% of people reaching retirement age can afford to retire, something is seriously wrong.

The fatal flaw in the financial planning system is the way in which clients remain ignorant, passive investors, often relying on the advice of a single financial advisor, who is supposedly informed and ethical, some are neither.

This does not mean that the system is useless. For a well-informed active investor, certified financial planners are a valuable resource for advice about certain products and services as well as tax planning. But they are not responsible for your secure retirement, you are.

Those who do not accept this fact, are skating on thin ice when the consequences of failure are so high. Any combination of high fees, poor advice, poor management and poor stock-market performance have wrecked many retirement plans and they will in the future. Worst of all, most investment decisions are beyond your, the client's, control.

A better way.

We cannot fix the retirement planning system but we can certainly fix our own retirement plans.

The key to long-term financial security and independence is financial intelligence; improving one’s own financial intelligence as well as leveraging the collective financial intelligence of a trusted community of like-minded people.

The Accelerated Retirement Plan empowers you to plan your way to long-term financial security provided you are willing to;

  • Take personal responsibility for your retirement plans
  • Change your strategy from Passive to Active Investing.
  • Leverage the financial intelligence of a trusted group of peers.

Anyone who takes personal responsibility for their own financial education, significantly reduces their risk of an impoverished retirement.

It’s that simple.

When to start retirement planning.

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago”
(Japanese proverb)

That is true of retirement planning. The best time to start saving for retirement is twenty years ago, or better still, in your twenties. But what happens when you are fifty or sixty years old and your retirement savings are too low?

The second part of that Japanese proverb has the answer;

The second best time to plant a tree is now!

So too with accelerated retirement planning, the second best time to start is, NOW! There isn't a minute to lose. Now is the time to take action, to find out how to plant fast-growing 'money trees' that will do two things for you;

  • Start bearing fruit long before you die, and

  • Keep bearing fruit until you die (even long after you die).

That’s the Accelerated Retirement Plan.

The Wealth Diamond

Wealth Diamond is the template for the Accelerated Retirement Plan, dividing assets into three types;

  • Secure Assets
  • Cash-generating Assets
  • Speculative Assets

Think of them in terms of pathways to financial security, financial independence and financial freedom.

The key to accelerating a retirement plan is Cash-generating Assets; these are assets that increase in value over time (capital) by making money while you sleep (cashflow).

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.
(Warren Buffett)

Setting up viable Cash-generating Assets is the primary focus of the Wealth Diamond strategy. "Cashflow and Capital" is the Wealth Diamond mantra.

The Program

Wealth Diamond is a financial fitness coaching program designed to accelerate your retirement savings in five simple steps; Learn, Earn, Save, Invest and Win.

90-minute Strategy Session.

The process begins with a personal 90-minute Strategy Session. Our purpose is two-fold;

  • Set clearly defined short-, medium- and long-term goals
  • Design a high-level strategy to achieve the goals, one step at a time.

When the general direction of your retirement plan is established, we set a clear 90-day goal and agree on a plan to achieve it.

The cost of the Strategy Session is R7,500 ($600) and it’s guaranteed to deliver a “measurable benefit at least 2x the fee”.

With a clear strategy in mind, you can either implement the plan yourself using relevant Wealth Diamond resources or you can decide to sign up for a 90-day Coaching Project.

90-day Project.

The 90-day Project is a weekly training and accountability program to ensure that you, the client, take purposeful action on a consistent, daily basis.

Who should consider a 90-day Project? Anyone who has not created a framework of daily habits and rituals to support their goals. As Bob Proctor says it;

Goal-setting is an intellectual exercise,
Goal-achievement is a lawful process.

Setting inspiring goals is easy. Doing the daily work required to achieve the goal can be tough. Having someone to guide and encourage you to ‘keep climbing’ can make the difference between success and failure.

The Wealth Diamond Investor Community.

You will qualify to join the Wealth Diamond Investor Community when you have successfully completed the ‘Learn and Earn’ stages and achieve the minimum monthly Save targets.

The investor community is a collection of Investor Clubs where investment opportunities are evaluated and the best selected for cooperative investment by club members.

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    Let the journey begin!

    Guaranteed Results

    The cost of the Strategy Session is R7,500 ($600).

    I guarantee that, within 90 days of implementing any Wealth Diamond strategy you will receive a measurable benefit at least 2x the cost of the program, or you will get you money back. (reasonable use-it-or-lose-it T&C;s apply)

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    Wealth Diamond

    Wealth Diamond is a financial fitness coaching program designed to take the willing from zero to hero in five simple steps.


    Essential knowledge and skill for effective retirement planning.


    How to perform a basic due diligence on business opportunities and cash-flow generating assets.


    How to create a surplus by spending less than you earn. If you can't save, you can't invest.


    How to tap into the benefits of cooperative investment clubs to accelerate growth while reducing risks.


    How to achieve a state of abundance and then leave a legacy worthy of your life on this planet.