MOBILISE! 3.0. A rewarding opportunity for teachers, trainers and coaches.

I am preparing to launch MOBILISE! 3.0 on 16 November 2020.

Every community has a wealth of idle resources that, if effectively mobilised, could give new hope and opportunity to people reeling from the loss of jobs and businesses. MOBILISE! 3.0 could play a valuable role by empowering individuals and communities.

If you are a community-minded teacher, trainer or coach (or aspire to be one), I invite you to find out more about MOBILISE! 3.0; you will quickly see how teachers, trainers and coaches play an essential role in the MOBILISE! Mission.

Below is a brief overview of the why, what and how.

MOBILISE! Vision. (Our Why)

Imagine a city filled with people empowering people where every person with a dream and the will to pursue it has equal access to the resources they need to achieve their dream.

MOBILISE! Mission. (Our What)

Empowering communities to mobilise their wealth of resources for the good of all.

The three main players.

  • Catalysts: Teachers, trainers and coaches.
  • Contributors: MOBILISE! Members and Projects.
  • Capital: Money always flows to worthy investments.

MOBILISE! Strategy. (Our How)

A Call to Action: The Starfish Challenge.

Will you DO SOMETHING to make your city a better place for SOMEONE ELSE?

Everyone who says YES!, contributes two hours a month supporting MOBILISE! causes; contributing 2 hours a month, 30 minutes a week or as little as 5 minutes a day.

Imagine 1,000 motivated people contributing their knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in their community; 2,000 hours a month or 24,000 hours per year.

How much could we achieve with 1,000 like-minded people contributing 24,000 hours a year?

Imagine the impact that could have.


Make training and coaching accessible to everyone with a dream and the will to pursue it.

Catalyst Concepts.

  • Everyone deserves a break! A chance at a better life.
  • Life is not fair! But we can make it fairer for ‘The Willing’
  • “Wealth to Worth” and the flow of Knowledge, Expertise and Money.
  • "Grow our market by growing people".

Catalyst approach.

Teach – Inspire – Empower

  • Teach many
  • Inspire some
  • Empower ‘The Willing’

Teachers, trainers and coaches measure their success by their ability to empower others to achieve their dreams & goals. Everyone else measures success by their personal achievements.

MOBILISE! Value Chain.

SowersReap philosophy

  • The one who sows expects to reap.
  • The more one sows, the more one expects to reap.

Three-stage Career Path

MOBILISE! 3.0 offers a rewarding Education-Opportunity for aspiring community-based teachers, trainer and coaches to grow their business while growing their knowledge, skills and ability. Earn while you Learn. Start for free.


I am extending a ‘Catalyst invitation’ to community-minded teachers, trainers and coaches; existing and aspiring.

Find out where MOBILISE! started (there was a 1.0 and 2.0 with various iterations in between) and how it is moving forward into v3.0.

Find out how you can contribute (sow) and benefit (reap) by aligning your business with the MOBILISE! Mission.

Register here to join a free, no obligation, Zoom call.

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