Launching the Wealth Diamond Accelerated Retirement Plan

Are you worried about not having enough money to retire? You are not alone! According to a recent study, about 80% of people nearing retirement are worried.

But knowing that others are worrying doesn’t solve your problem. However, the fact that others are in the same boat means that you could find a few like-minded companions as you begin your journey to a stress-free retirement. And finding them is what I hope I can help you do.

Here’s how it happened for me.

I designed the Wealth Diamond System in 2009 after my business crashed during the Great Recession. My retirement plans were wrecked and I realised that the retirement planning industry offered little hope to someone in my situation. It was up to me to work out a new game plan to rebuild the millions I had lost

“in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of risk”.

I called my game plan the Wealth Diamond, a simple wealth management system with three asset categories, each with its own risk profile and management approach.

The Wealth Diamond challenged me to become an Intelligent Active Investor; someone who’s financial security is firmly based on a “reserve of knowledge, experience and ability” as Henry Ford advised. It’s been a ten-year journey.

And that is what the Accelerated Retirement is all about, helping Boomers to grow a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability on which to build a stress-free retirement.

The Wealth Diamond Accelerated Retirement Plan.

In the Accelerated Retirement Plan course, I share the lessons I have learned and the strategies I have developed to bounce back from the brink of disaster. And I am inviting Boomers who are worried that they do not have enough saved for retirement to join me on this adventure. The course is launching as a text-base course on Teachable with videos and webinars being added soon.

Here is a testimonial from one of the first people to enrol:

"Your Wealth Diamond concept is a very clean cut course layout with chewable, clear, bite sized lectures. You have endowed and equipped me with a greater understanding of how to approach my necessitated income generating at this late stage of life." (Johan, Pretoria)

Wealth Diamond Coaching Program.

The Wealth Diamond Coaching Program is a dynamic financial fitness coaching program designed to help you go from Zero to Hero in five simple steps; Learn, Earn, Save, Invest and Win".


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