Wealth Diamond and Investment Management

Here is an overview of the recommended management approach to a Wealth Diamond portfolio.

Secure Assets represent one’s ‘nest egg’ investment, the minimum required for a secure retirement. Secure Assets are best suited to a well-managed portfolio guided by an astute financial advisor who can advise on tax-efficient options. You can use retirement calculators to work out how much you should allocate to Secure Assets but make sure you understand the assumptions behind the results. Some calculators allow you to adjust the assumptions to suit your specific requirements.

Cash-generating Assets are the ‘economic engine’ of the Wealth Diamond, creating the cashflow needed to grow the Wealth Diamond. Investment Clubs are an ideal vehicle as they enable one to tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise of others while playing an active role in every decision that concerns your money; we call it Triangles of Power system.

Speculative Assets are best suited to solo-investing where one has specialist expertise or in partnership with a small inner circle or master-mind group with the same interest.

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