New-look Strategy Consulting

Back in 2011 I designed a six-stage Guest House Coaching program that delivered stunning results for most of my clients. The program was rooted in a deep understanding of the guest house industry and strategies I had employed to great effect in my own businesses.

Since then I have consulted to a wide range of small business preferring, as far as possible, to stick to three niches; hospitality, retail and small-scale construction. The rewards for clients have been stunning but each project entails a lot of work on my part; getting to know the client and their business and then designing strategies to help them achieve their goals. It is not a great model.

Yet it never occurred to me to design more coaching programs for markets I am passionate about, until now.

So instead of looking for small businesses that need my services but often can't afford my fee, I am now focusing on creating niche coaching services for markets I want to serve.

The first of these is the Accelerated Retirement Plan for people who, like me, do have enough saved to retire. When my retirement plans were wrecked during the 2008 financial crises, I was forced to evaluate my options and designed an accelerated retirement plan based on growing my "Cashflow and Capital" as fast as possible with the least amount of risk.  I called it Wealth Diamond.

Wealth Diamond is a financial fitness coaching program designed to take the Willing (my target market) from zero to hero in five simple steps; Learn, Earn, Save, Invest and Win. It includes goal-setting tools that I first developed over forty years ago and a dynamic strategy to reduce risk and accelerate success called Triangles of Power, a business development system leveraging knowledge, expertise and money.

Why am I starting with the Accelerated Retirement Plan? I want to share the journey. It's that simple.

Read more about it HERE.

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