What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is about "surrounding ourselves with that which is essential for our happiness; people, things and experiences".

As I see it, minimalism is not about "less" but rather about getting rid of 'stuff' that undermines our happiness; getting back to what we really want on our lives.

Allow me to explain using a can of Coke as an example;

  • Coke is 99% purified water with about 10 g of sugar per 100 ml.
  • A 330ml can of Coke has about 35g (i.e. seven teaspoons) of sugar; that's more than the RDA for most people, especially kids.

So, although there is a lot of healthy, purified water in a can of Coke, the goodness has been contaminated by too much sugar.

And that's true of life.

The good part of life is being contaminated by unnecessary 'stuff'; usually stuff that we have been programmed to want but really don't need, stuff that undermines our health, wealth and happiness. How silly is that?

The Minimalist simply asks, "Will this make me happy?"

There is no right answer, just an intentional one that considers our present and future happiness. So when it comes to decisions about Coke and our health,

  • One person may stop drinking Coke completely
  • Another person may drink less Coke
  • Another may drink sugar-free Coke

Minimalism is simply about making intentional choices that support our happiness; not just for today but for the future as well.

How simple is that?

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