Is minimalism right for you?

Are you wondering if minimalism could make you happier?

Here are three simple, quick and easy steps to test the possibility;

  1.  Choose a few items that you seldom use.
  2. Wrap them in one or more gift parcels.
  3. Give them to others less fortunate.

When the experiment is complete ask yourself one simple question;

Did giving these unused items away make me happier than keeping them?

If keeping them would have made you happier, don’t be a minimalist!

But if giving unused 'stuff' to others makes you feel happier than keeping them, minimalism will make you happier, guaranteed! It just did and it will again.

How I do it.

I have very few clothes but I like the look and feel of new clothes. So I buy a few new clothes each month. Buying and wearing new clothes makes me happy.

I also like great deals like the almost-new blue blazer I purchased at an Op-Shop in Australia; good enough to wear to my daughter's wedding. I paid $10 for a blazer that would easily have cost $150 new. Nice deals like that also made me happy.

But instead of hoarding clothes, every new purchase allows me to select older items to give away. When I buy a new set of clothes, I make up a gift parcel with the same mix of older clothes; these older clothes are still in excellent condition as most are only a few months old.

It’s a double win!

I feel happy buying and wearing new clothes but I feel even happier when I give a parcel of ‘almost-new’ clothes to someone who would appreciate a new set of clothes. Add a haircut and a shave to the gift and someone who is down on their luck could be be better prepared for a job interview. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Minimalism enables us to be more generous.

It’s that simple. Try it.

What could you do?

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